Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Some Running "Pick-me-ups"

I run for no reason at all.

I used to run to win.  Not to come in first...I am not an Elite.  I set goals:  Not last; Top Half Overall; Top 10 in my age group.  It was fun for a while and for a couple of years when I competed in Triathalons I expended a lot of energy setting, training and competing to hit those goals.  I knew I had gone too far though when one day after making a delicious Pasta meal I referred to the meal as 'Fuel'.  Sally was not impressed!  She is an excellent cook and the meal was spectacular.  So after 30 years I'm back to just running.

Even though I love running some mornings I'm challenged with getting out of my warm bed and heading out for a run. Especially when it's dark, cold and wet.  On those mornings I turn to motivation quotes for a pick-me-up.

I especially like this last one.

Until next time...

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