Friday, November 14, 2014

Social Media Explained

On a business trip a few years ago I had the opportunity to ask a very knowledgeable Social Media expert this question:  "What is Social Media?".  His answer was revealing:  "Before Social Media, Corporations controlled media channels...what and how information was transmitted to people; Social Media removes that barrier and allows individuals to communicate unfiltered".  There is both good and bad in that of course but it has always been this way.

Recently I was asked the same question only this time in this context: "What is Social Media Marketing?" I answered with this illustration:

Here's a personal example of why I love Social Media.  Recently I had to re-set the 'Service Light' on my wife's car.  I Googled it first and found suggestions in various Forums.  None were effective. Then I found a Video on YouTube that showed exactly how to do it.  But here's the interesting and relevant part:  The video itself while it showed the procedure missed one key step.  That step was answered by someone who left a comment.  That's Social Media.

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