Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I'm all wet...

Once when someone asked my opinion and I answered even though I didn't know the answer, I was informed that "I was all wet".  Since then I've tried to keep my mouth shut when I don't know the answer to something.  Getting wet last week was something I did willingly at my local pool though...and I liked it!

Backing up a bit, let me explain why I was in the pool in the first place.  Nothing serious but I experienced a slight twinge in my right knee after a run early last week.  I iced it as soon as I returned home and applied the Voltarin after my shower.  But with Reggae Marathon only a couple of weeks away now and determined not to finish in Last Place in the Reggae Runners Challenge, I decided to hit the local pool for some Water Running to keep in running shape.
Ironic that the first sign I saw upon leaving the Change Room was this No Running sign since that was exactly what I intended to do in the deep end of the pool.  A couple of years ago when I had the broken foot I ran in the water to keep up conditioning in the leg muscles used for running. Swimming is good for overall tone along with Elipticals and Stationary Cycles but those don't work the same muscles.
There are two main benefits for getting all wet running in the pool:  First, there is absolutely no impact on the muscles.  I can push as hard as I want without causing any further injury. Plus the water provides great resistance so I have to work harder.  This leads to the second benefit: It's a harder, more intense workout mimicking Intervals.  

Like the runner in the photo above, wearing a flotation belt allows you to concentrate on running form that basically imitates regular running on land.  Yes it's a little boring...OK make that a lot boring...and swimmers give you a wide berth but it's a great way to stay in running shape while dealing with or recovering from a leg or foot injury.

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