Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sisyphus and the Art of Running Stairs

Like Sisyphus, running stairs is an exercise in repetition:  Run up, walk down, repeat.  Over and over. Until my quads quiver and my legs feel like jelly.  Ahh...the joys of running!

Sisyphus was the guy who had the unenviable and unending task of pushing a rock up a hill, having it roll down and having to push it back up again. This was punishment for him.  To the people in the nearby apartments who see me running repetitively up and down the stairs early mornings it must look like I too am being punished!

But although running stairs is punishing, I'm not Sisyphus, I'm not being punished.  There is method to my madness of running stairs but 'Shhh...don't tell anyone". You see, in the last two Reggae Runners Challenges (Half Marathon in Toronto a couple of years ago and last year at Reggae Marthon) I took the distinction of coming in last. In both events! And while I put on the 'Happy Face', I was not pleased.  It's been nagging at me all this time. This year at Reggae Marathon December 6 I'm determined to end this tradition. Watch out Dan, Larry, Navin, Deb and anyone else in the Reggae Runners Challenge!  I'm running stairs!!

So far I have managed to elude the foot injuries that previous experiences with running stairs caused: nasty flare-ups of Plantar Fasciitis.  I've had a little twinge in my right knee but a day or so of rest cures that.  The good news is that on my regular runs I'm running faster and more efficiently. I'm able to put in a quick burst of speed and recover quickly.  Nice.

So thanks Sisyphus for the inspiration to keep running stairs.  Last place will be history!

Until next time...

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