Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I could complain about a lot of things...

I could complain about the weather.  Here in Toronto this is one of the more 'Wintery' seasons we've experienced in quite some time.  It's been cold, snowy and generally 'Winter-like'.  Toronto for the past few years has in fact experienced some very mild conditions.  We've been spoiled. A few years ago when we had our place near Collingwood and I commuted each week into Toronto I was always amazed by the lack of snow and warmer temperatures in Toronto.  I left 'Winter' and traveled south to much milder conditions in Toronto.

I could complain about my re-injured foot.  I did it again!  Stress fractures in my right foot.  Again.  Different bones this time but 'broken bones' just the same. And this time it 'just happened'.  I swear!  Sally claims it's because I was back to intense work outs and while she may be right I think it's a function of the forefoot style that I've favored over the past 3 years.  Prior to that I ran injury free.  Since then no end to the foot injuries.  I think once this recovery is complete I'll go back to the running style that got me this far.  Heel Strike here I come again!

I could complain about the spare tire.  Yes I'm carrying a 'little extra weight' again this winter. I've tried to reduce the salty snacks but every once in a while this winter on a cold, snowy Saturday afternoon snoozing in front of the TV I enjoyed a cold Guinness or two with a bowl of Corn Chips.  I tried air-popped pop corn but the toppings negated the benefits.  Stretchy waits pants have been my friends.  Especially the jeans! Back to running soon!

Really though I don't have a lot to complain about.  I'm still in good health (the foot injury notwithstanding), have a fabulous wife and great kids. Once winter recedes we'll all be complaining about the summer heat and humidity.  And this foot injury will heal in time. I fully expect to be back running soon and as we runners know, running solves everything.  Well maybe not...there is the nagging issue of carrying too much weight around my middle...see, I do have something to complain about after all!

Until next time...

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