Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dressing up to go running in the Polar Vortex

It sure feels like it this winter in Toronto!

After 6 years living along the shores of Georgian Bay running regularly on snowy roads with temperatures and wind chills well below freezing, I thought the move back to Toronto a couple of years ago meant those running days were over.  Wrong!  Now getting out for an early morning means dressing up in multiple layers just to keep cool...it's just not possible to fully warm up at the super cold temperatures we've experienced this winter.

My base layer is all polypropeline.  Tight to the skin socks, tights, top and balaclava. All this is designed to keep what little heat I generate close to my skin.

Layer two starts with a second pair of socks that pull up to mid-calf, my regular running tights, a fleece jacket and a fleece hat over the balaclava.

Layer three on the really cold days sees me pulling on a pair of windpants.  Otherwise it's just a zip-up running shell.

For my fingers I go with mittens.  I find these keep my fingers warmer than gloves.

Finally, I apply a thin coat of vaseline on my cheeks, lips and around my nose...anywhere there is exposed skin.  All of this to go our for a 'fun run' at Polar Vortex weather conditions!  No wonder non-runners think runners are crazy.

I suppose it would be easier to go to a gym and run indoors on a treadmill.  My sister and her husband do that during the winter months but I've never been a fan.  And now that we live in an apartment that would be totally impractical and extremely noisy for downstairs neighbours.  So it's outside I go.

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