Sunday, February 23, 2014

B2B Social Selling

I went to an informative session last week put on by Edelman Digital in their Toronto office.  The topic, "The Case for B2B Social" caught my attention personally as an Executive Recruiter in Digital Marketing and professionally on behalf of my Clients in the B2B space.  A key insight:  even though it's B2B, people are having conversations about your business in Social Media.  Not having a presence is ignorance and ignorance in this case is not bliss!  Social Media Marketing is an effective tactic in creating awareness, preference and consideration...and in the case of business owners looking for results Social Selling can drive sales and revenue.

Recently I connected with a company operating in the B2B space.  They are a leader in their business sector and have been in business for many years.  Their success traces back to a culture that is puts customers first. They use technology to empower their entire operation;  they use Social Media technology to connect with their customers.  Think Zappos.  

So how does Social Selling work in the B2B space?  The Infographic below outlines the Social Selling Anatomy of a B2B Decision Maker.


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