Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Just a little faster...

Navin on Track at his Ecstasy 8
It's Navin's fault! He's totally responsible for helping me to run faster this year.

If you've followed along over the past few years you know I've been hobbled with some nagging foot injuries.  From Plantar Faacitis to broken bones.  All related to the challenge of trying to run faster.  With a few more years on the chassis along with more than a few pounds on my frame, it was an unreasonable expectation.  But that didn't stop me from trying...and injuring myself multiple times in the process.  And although I've enjoyed the friendly ribbing for my last place finishes at the last two Reggae Runners Challenges, I'm determined to change that this year! Once again I'm working on running faster and this time it's Navin's fault!

Back in Negril at Reggae Marathon last December Navin burned up the Full Marathon course.  He told us his target time which was aggressive. Then with a really simple mental technique, he beat his time by nearly 20 minutes!  And that got me thinking...rather than going out and purposefully trying to injure myself with specific workouts that I attack with foolish abandon, let's try the 'Navin Way'.  And it's working!  What's his Jedi mental technique?  Talking to himself:  "Just a little faster, just a little faster, just a little faster...".

My immediate race goal this spring is to run the Sporting Life 10K with a negative split.  Challenging on the best day; extra difficult for this race as the first 6km is downhill.  I've been training hard through the cold and snow, following a great leg strengthening exercise routine from Olympian Carrie Tollefson and using Navin's Way to run 'just a little faster'.  So far so good.  Race day will tell.

When you see me running along the Kingsway in Etobicoke this Spring listen out for 'Just a little faster, just a little faster, just a little faster..."

Until next time...

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