Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I'm packed and ready to go to Reggae Marathon!

Next stop, Negril, Jamaica for Reggae Marathon.

All new running gear
for Reggae Marathon
I used Reggae Marathon as an excuse for buying new running gear.  I'm running in the shoes now but the short tights and top will get their first runs this week in Negril.  Between the Running Room Outlet store and a sale at the Bloor Street West store, I scored great deals on pricing.  Better to save money than look good but if you can do both that's always a good thing.

I always stress over packing for Negril.  After bathing suit, shorts and T Shirts, my challenge is what to wear for dinner in the evenings.  I know, I know, Negril is known as the Capital of Casual but evenings out usually require clothing to be taken up a notch.  I usually pack too much but don't we all when we travel.

One of the best things about Reggae Marathon is the location:  Negril, Jamaica.  7 miles of white sand beach with gently lapping waves with temperatures in the high 20's Celsius. After the race itself this Saturday morning, the highlight for me is the Beach!  I am totally OK with spending hours just lying in the sun...after lathering up with sunblock of course. Here are a couple of shots of my paradise:

I'm packed and ready to go! 

Until next time...

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