Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Road Trip Home after Reggae Marathon: Bittersweet

All the Family who ran and walked in Reggae Marathon 2013
Once again it was a great time in Negril at Reggae Marathon 2013.  Last Saturday was a fantastic day to go running.  Especially after the cold, snowy and wet conditions in Toronto the week prior to coming to Jamaica.  It'll be tough putting the shorts and short-sleeve running gear away until summer 2014! Brrrr!

Over the years I've been fortunate to have run in some great beach-side locations:  Biaritz, France with my friend Tim;  Bondi and Coogie Beaches in Australia;  San Diago, California; Stockholm, Sweden.  I have great memories of all of them but Negril, Jamaica is the best.  OK, Bondi Beach in Australia is pretty fantastic as well!  The combination of beach, warm weather, glorious food and the company of fellow runners makes it truly special.

This week at Reggae Marathon was even more special.  I caught up with my Cuz, Karin and her hubby, Christopher and his sister and friend.  We solved all the problems of the world once again...and that was before Uncle Donnie and Aunt Betty came for a visit!  They were in Montego Bay and made the short drive to Negril Saturday afternoon.  It was really nice to seem them here in Jamaica.

Then  to top it off, Andrew, Court, Amy and Carleigh came over from their resort to spend the day at Rondel Village.   We spent some time on the beach and playing in the ocean...it truly a family affair at Reggae Marathon this year.


Larry, Dan, Navin and I should now call ourselves "The Four Musketeers".  Larry from Florida, New York, Dan from White Rock, British Columbia, Navin currently in Toronto but who we met in Negril a few years ago.  Hmmm...sounds like the title of a future blog post.

Final thoughts on Reggae Marathon 2013:

  • The weather in Negril was great.  I love the sun so lying all day on the beach 'doing nothing' comes pretty close to heaven for me.  I had one last swim and baste experience this morning before the limo ride back to the airport.
  • Jerk Pork!  Jerk Chicken is OK but I'm a pork guy.  I try to make a reasonable Jerk Pork back home in Canada but have not yet mastered it.  My Dad's version was pretty good and there are some restaurants in Toronto that do a good job but nothing, I mean nothing beats eating Jerk Pork from an outdoor restaurant in Jamaica.  That and a ice cold Red Stripe Beer...ahhhhh.....!!
It was a jam-packed week.  I'm packed for the return trip home and looking forward to being back home with Sally and Tia.  The shuttle leaves in an hour...

Until next time...

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