Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A week tomorrow I'm on a plane to Reggae Marathon

Court and Andrew in Negril for Reggae Marathon
Where did the year go?

A week tomorrow I head down to Jamaica for my 5th consecutive visit to Negril and Reggae Marathon.  I started with the Full Marathon back in 2009, did the Half Marathon in 2010 and the 10K in 2011.  Last year I walked the 10K in my foot cast, broken leg and all. I'm back this year running the 10K again looking not only for redemption but a personal best.

I have a brutal travel next Wednesday with my departure out of Toronto at 6 ish am.  I'm travelling on American Airlines and with no direct flights from Toronto to Montego Bay, I have a long stop-over in Miami on the way down.  The airport has Wi-Fi but they charge so I'll be hunting out the American Airlines lounge which has free Wi-Fi.  If I sit close enough to the lounge I can get pretty robust and reliable Internet connection.  Shhh...don't tell anyone my secret.

After I pick up some Duty-free Vodka in Miami, it's a quick flight to Montego Bay.  I'm already booked with JUTA Negril for the just-under-two hour drive to Negril so with any luck should arrive at Rondel Village, my hotel in Negril, in time to have dinner with my friend Dan Cumming.  Dan is travelling to Negril for his third consecutive Reggae Marathon event and even though we've communicated regularly throughout the year, we'll have a lot to catch up on.  I'll try to keep it to only one Red Stripe that first evening.

The next couple of days in Negril before the race Saturday morning go something like this:  early morning running followed by breakfast then lazing on the beach until lunch.  More sunning and swimming for the afternoon before dinner and an early bed time.  I know, I know...sounds tough.  Don't worry, I'll be able to handle it.

Friday night before Reggae Marathon is a BIG evening.  As part of my job as official Reggae Marathon Blogger and Social Media RunninGuy, I've invited everything to meet me at 7 pm.  If only a few show up at the appointed time, I'll be swamped.  But then again these are runners from around the world who I've communicated with online all year.  It should be fun.

It's early-to-bed Friday night ahead of the 3:30 am wake up Saturday morning.  I'll grab a quick light breakfast before walking the mile or so to the Reggae Marathon start for 4:30 am.  I'll catch up with the rest of the family who have also come from Canada:  Andrew and Carleigh, Carleigh's parents and brother, Court and Amy and of course, 'Sulleh' who is coming from New York for his third event.  I'll be waiting for them at the Finish Line, Red Stripe in hand since they are all doing the Half Marathon.  

With the warm temperature in Negril, it won't be hard leaving the chilly, snowy wintry conditions behind next Wednesday morning.

Until next time...almost in Negril...

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