Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Reggae Marathon 2012 Walkabout, Part 1

The Boot 
The Boot loved the beach in Negril last week. It didn't need sunscreen at all, didn't offer any conversation and was a cheap date at the bar and restaurant.  The Boot enjoyed itself so much that it didn't want to come home. I think it was looking for a hookup on the beach.

I was sorely tempted to let The Boot stay behind and enjoy itself in Jamaica.  My foot had recovered...The Boot had done its's job. but then I remembered how much I paid for it!  Welcome home!

Reggae Marathon Media Briefing
For some reason the Reggae Marathon organizers ask me to speak at the media briefing every year.  After blogging here and on the Reggae Marathon blog for the past two years, I'm never sure what else I can add about running and Reggae Marathon.  Especially when the audience are 'The Media'.  But there I was last Friday night during the Reggae Marathon Media Briefing sharing the social media experiences over the past year.  And there were some significant ones:

Court, Chris, Andrew, Dan.  Reggae Marathon 2012
All we were missing was Holden at Reggae Marathon 2012!  Holden says he doesn't run but he has a year to train!

Here are the boys at 4:45 am at Long Bay Beach Park in Negril with our friend, Dan Cumming (of Running in the Zone fame).  Dan and I sure that the only time Court and Andrew see 4:45 am is when coming home from a late night of weekend partying.  Dan, Court and Andrew burned up the Reggae Marathon 1/2 Marathon course.  I think we'll all be back for 2013??

Negril River at Sunrise
The big advantage of walking the Reggae Marathon 10K was that I got to take pictures while an the course.  So I did!

This picture was taken at 6 am.  It's of the Negril River just after passing the round-a-bout in Negril at around the 3 mile mark of the course I stopped on the bridge to shoot a Negril sunrise photo.  I've got lots of pictures of the sunsets in Negril...who doesn't...but this is my first sunrise picture.  Hmmm...looks like a selection on my Facebook page in the near future.

More stories and photos to come from my 2012 Reggae Marathon Walkabout experience.

Until next time


  1. Thanks for the fabulous experience of being a part of the Morales Reggae Marathon Family. Wouldn't have been the same otherwise! I am surprised though, after meeting him, that the boot didn't make you take his picture with his finisher's medal.

  2. Chris, you are a fine example of resilience and persistence! The fact that you completed the marathon with a broken foot speaks volumes for your character. I am proud to know you.


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