Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Reggae Marathon 2012: Got 'er dun!

Borrowing a phrase from the Summer Olympics, 'Go haad an dun", I 'got 'er dun' last Saturday at Reggae Marathon.  After worrying about making it through the entire 10K with the walking cast on my right foot, my only worry turned out to be not stopping every few meters to shoot a few pictures.  Usually I'm intent on finishing with a target time but this year I had no such concerns since I was walking.  The goal was to finish...couldn't let the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario down.  Plus, I wanted the 4th in a row Reggae Marathon Finisher's Medal.

At Reggae Marathon again this year Mother Nature continued her string of good weather.  In fact, Saturday morning last week dawned quite cool with no humidity.  'Cool' of course in Negril, Jamaica is a relative thing but it sure was a major relief after my first time at Reggae Marathon 2009 when overnight rain resulted in a higher degree of humidity.  The only humidity this year was the mandatory drenching in the Caribbean after successfully completing the run.

The Puma Faas 300's were retired last Saturday as well.  Yes, these were the shoes that were there for the foot injury.  I figured it was only fitting that they they be there for the successful completing of Reggae Marathon 2012.  Of course we had to enjoy a complimentary Red Stripe before 'retirement'.  If you have to ask, "Red Stripe taste good" after Reggae Marathon.

It's been 2 1/2 months since my last run and you know what...it's been good!  30 years is a long time to run every day and be relatively injury free.  I am very fortunate.  These last two years of foot problems culminating in the stress fractures came at the right time.  I'll be back to running of course but it will be very different.  Competing with my younger self is now a thing of the past...I have a few more grey hairs after all!  It won't be for a few more weeks...I really do want to ensure that my foot has healed fully before I head out for my first post-injury run.  But you know what...I'm looking forward to it!

'Got 'er dun!'

Until next time...

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