Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Reggae Marathon 2012 Walkabout, Part 2

Elvis has left the building and is now living comfortably in Negril.  He chows down on Jerk Pork and Jerk Chicken and washes it all down with cold Red Stripe.

OK, I made that all up but the Elvis sign on the side of the road as we approached a Reggae Marathon Aid Station at the 4 mile mark caught my eye.  Man I had too much time on my hands walking the Reggae Marathon 10K.

Reggae Marathon is one of the few (only) race events that have Aid Stations at every mile.  Did I mention that they also have unique Jamaican Character?

Notice in the background the car with the speakers on top.  The car belonged to this young volunteer.  He was waving the flag, handing out water and Hi-Lyte and playing LOUD Reggae music.  And I do mean LOUD!  And this was just after 6 am in the morning.

Each Aid Station on the entire course is set up the same way.

I caught this shot of Reggae Marathon 4 time winner Rupert Green on his way to another victory.  I was lying down on the road shooting when I caught the attention of a race volunteer who wanted to know if I was all right.  It took a couple of minutes to assure her that I was...even my media badge didn't convince her.  Maybe it was the cast on my foot.  She watched me hobble away and I'm convinced she was only moments away from calling for help.

I did say there was music along the Reggae Marathon Course right?  Well here right along the route near the finish line at Long Bay Beach Park was the Silverbird Steel Band Orchestra performing.  This band performs every year at the Reggae Marathon Pasta Party Friday night and they put on a great show again this past December.  Here they are at around 6:30 am bringing us home...well, at least those of us doing the 10K.

It's been 4 consecutive years attending Reggae Marathon in Negril.  I've run the full marathon, the half marathon and the 10 K (twice).  It's a long way to go to get to Negril each December but once there it's truly a magical experience.  See you again December 7, 2013...

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