Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Reggae Marathon Running Shoes?

I do love my Pumas and with the healing going much more slowly than anticipated, 'running' the 10K at Reggae Marathon in a couple of weeks on December 1 in Negril with a Puma Boot on my left foot and foot cast on my right is looking like a real possibility.

It wasn't supposed to be like this.  I had a time goal in mind for this year's Reggae Marathon 10K:  50 minutes.  I wanted to improve over last year's time and had my training planned throughout the summer.

And it was going well up until the nasty bone fractures back in September.  Dam that concrete!

How did I get these Puma boots?  It began as all good things do...with Sally.  She wanted a pair of Pumas so we headed out to the Puma Outlet Store at the Cookstown Mall north of Toronto.  Of course, this was a near heaven experience for me:  Puma shoes...on sale!

Sally found her shoes and I found these Puma boots.  Perfect for the sloppy daily winter commute ahead in Toronto. Likely not so good for Reggae Marathon.  I'll make for a heck of a sight when we line up for Reggae Marathon in a couple of weeks:  Running tights, Puma winter boot, foot cast!  Great photo op though.

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