Tuesday, November 20, 2012

NOT Running...the best thing for my health?

Running Shoes for Reggae Marathon
December 1
Walking Cast!


@#!!@#%%@ And a whole lot of other unprintable words come to mind when I think back on the 'incident' this past September.  It's sidelined me from running.  It may have been a lifesaver.

Progress report.  I've had the walking cast on since September 26.  Optimistically the lovely Doctor said "6 weeks then you can take it off...take it slow with running a couple of weeks after that though".

Oops...not so fast.  I'm now 8 weeks into living (walking) with the foot cast and still don't feel comfortable enough yet to take it off for long stretches.  I've been told that broken bones heal even stronger.  Still waiting for them to heal first.

Not running has been a blessing in disguise though.  Truth be told, I'd become a little obsessed with my daily running.  Not resting was definitely a contributing cause to the bone fractures.  And becoming so obsessed with faster times that led to the extreme speed workouts finished me off.  I'll be back running but I'm scared as hell of that first run.  And that is very likely not going to be until well after the Reggae Marathon.

I not really complain.  This is the first 'major' health issue I have ever faced.  I know, I know...I still have my Appendix, Tonsils and all other internal organs. Blood pressure under control.  No heart problems.  I have never had an overnight stay in the hospital!

Day surgery once but that was elective.  Ever heard of the 'Big V'?

So I guess all that running over the past 30 years has paid off.  But am I ever looking forward to that first run.

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