Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How am I going to make it through this week?

What have I done?
It's just under a week to go to the Reggae Runners Half Marathon Challenge and I'm a bundle of nerves.  My race on May 6 is the Goodlife Fitness Toronto 1/2 Marathon that heads south from North York to Exhibition Place in Toronto.  Other than the 'monster uphill' from Hoggs Hollow at the 4 kilometre mark it's downhill.  So what's to be nervous about?

For the first time ever I'm competing with other runners head-to-head.  I know what you're thinking: "Don't you compete with everyone else that in a race?".  Other than the Triathlons I competed in a number of years ago where I went head-to-head with some semi-pros,  I've always raced for myself to match or beat a target time. Other runners really didn't affect me. This time it's different...amazing what making friendships through Reggae Marathon leads to.

Larry Savitch from New York and Dan Cumming from British Columbia turned the May 6 race upside down for me when found out we were running in separate 1/2 Marathons on the same day.  Since boys will be boys, we bought into Dan's 'age adjusted' timing thing and even though we will have different times, there will be a clear #1, #2 and #3!

Full exposure!  And I don't mean the tights.

So even though I've been training like crazy with speed work outs at the local high school track, have done my long slow distance runs, have nursed my still not fully recovered foot injury and am completely psyched about a personal best on May 6, I'm ... nervous ... as .. .hell!

"Are we there yet?". I just want to get to the start line for 8:30 am this Sunday morning.

Until next time...

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Photo courtesy of Errol Anderson

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