Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Things that make me go hmmmm....

As I write this it's 5 am in the morning.  I've got my first Tim Horton's coffee on the go and I'm sitting at my home computer overlooking the Humber River:  
  • Why do people on a crowded bus or subway put their bags on the empty seat beside them?  Do I really have to ask them to move it so I can sit down?
  • With the proliferation of smart phones, why do I still have a land line?  Even my Mother calls me on my cell phone.
  • What do the Kardashian's have to do with 'news'?  If that's news the end is near.
  • Why are we so jazzed about electric vehicles?  How do you think your electricity was produced in the first place?  Likely hydro electric (which required building a in the middle of the wilderness), gas-fired turbines (Duh...) or Nuclear!  I'm pretty sure using vehicles less (take public transit) will reduce our dependence on oil.
  • Why do people on airplanes continue to use their mobile devices after they board flights?  Along that path, do I really need to be connected 24/7?
  • Why do some runners wear headphones when they run?  You'll never hear the bad guy approaching.  Seriously though, how about the oncoming car that you don't see.
  • Still with the running theme, why do runners 'run' on a crowded sidewalk at rush hour?  It's NOT running if you have to dodge pedestrians...and then give us a dirty look when we couldn't move out of your way fast enough.  Get up early and run when the sidewalk is clear!!  The bad guys are usually sleeping early in the morning anyway.
Until next time...

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