Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Slipping and sliding running in the snow

Last weekend I had my first fall while running.  It happened in the pre-dawn hours of one of the only snow-covered days we've had in Toronto this winter.

I was running along Bloor Street about to make a sharp right turn up a slight incline in about 4 inches of heavy wet snow. I'd been out for about 10 minutes already and was being super careful around corners.

I slowed down, and following car racing cornering technique prepared to 'clip the apex'.  Oops...

My left foot slipped out from under me completely and down I went.  My first thought:  'Dam, another injury'.  My second:  'Broke my stride'.

Fortunately and I do mean 'extremely fortunately' I didn't get injured.  Other than feeling pissed off I got back up immediately and scrambled on my way.

The ridiculous part of this whole experience was that less than 2 hours later all the snow was melted as the temperature rose well above freezing.  Sally chuckled and noted that if I had stayed in bed another hour I wouldn't have fallen.  But then I wouldn't have had this blog post.

Until next time...

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