Monday, March 12, 2012

Dan, Chris and Larry's Half Marathon Challenge May 6

I'm running in the Goodlife Fitness 1/2 Marathon on May 6 in Toronto.  I posted that on the Run for Heart Facebook page and that triggered a response two Reggae Marathon friends, Larry Savitch and Dan Cumming who noted they were also running in their own 1/2 marathons on that day.  In a flurry of emails over the past week, we concocted a way for the three of us to compete to see who is the fastest.  Boys will be boys!  We've called it, 'Reggae Runners Half Marathon Challenge'.  More in a minute, some background first.

Larry, Dan and I connected online in 2011.  On Facebook and through numerous email exchanges we became online friends.  We moved the online friendship into the real world when we met up in Negril last December for the Reggae Marathon. Since then we've continued the online friendship on Facebook and on our personal blogs.

Oh, I should mention that Larry lives in Florida, New York and Dan lives in White Rock, British Columbia.

Daniel Craig walking out of the sea?

Larry and his Easy Skankin group came to Negril last December to run in Reggae Marathon and vacation at and vacation on the beach in Negril. Check out his excellent review of the Reggae Marathon:  'Running in Paradise).

Dan posted a picture of himself and his wife on the beach in Negril from 1969 that started our online connection. He had a 'disaster' at Reggae Marathon 2011 when he missed the start hours!  Even with that, he turned that disaster into a great run...and a great story. Check it out:  Reggae Marathon 2011).

2011 Negril, Jamaica
1969 Negril, Jamaica

These pictures were taken 42 years apart at Long Bay Beach Park in Negril.

So here's what we're up to:  we each will run our individual races in our separate cities on May 6 competing to see who is the fastest.  Since we are running in different races and conditions...and have a 21 year age spread...Dan figured out how to manipulate our individual finish times to come up with an 'age-adjusted' time for each of us.  Therefore even though Dan, Larry and I are 67, 46 and 54 respectively, through the magic of math, we'll see who's the fastest.

As you might expect we have already started the trash talk.  I expect it to increase between now and May 6.  Of course all that will be meaningless after my first place finish!  And if all goes as planned, all three of us hope to be in Negril December 1 for Reggae Marathon 2012 for a celebration.

We haven't figured out prizes, wagers or any other details so if you have some suggestions, please share.

Reggae Runners Half Marathon Challenge off and running...let the serious training begin!

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  1. As I told you on Twitter, that's going to be fun! I can't wait to see what the results will be like. You guys are going to have a blast trying to beat one another.

    Cheering you on!


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