Friday, March 11, 2011

Running like a kid is the answer to foot injuries

After 25 years of running I have finally learned how to run like a kid again.  And it only took a nagging bout of Plantar Fasciitis in my right foot to figure it out.

Don't run with traditional running shoes!  That's the main culprit that caused my injury. I tried to run more naturally in shoes that were not designed for that style of running.  So after nearly 3 months of not running and lots of research online I've accepted that I've got to learn to run like a kid again.  Just take a look at how they run:  bent knees, rapid foot turnover and landing on their forefoot and springing up.  Especially watch them running barefoot in the summer.

Obviously running barefoot is not an option for me.  Natural-style running in shoes designed for that however is the solution for me.  I've recently taken delivery of the new Puma Faas 500 running shoe.  While I haven't been able to get out for a long run in them yet, the first experience was positive:  very comfortable fit with a heel designed to simulate barefoot running.  I am anxious to get out in them.

In the meantime of course I've been busy writing and blogging for the Reggae Marathon (Sally loves this...she says I need to keep busy...go figure).  The latest blog post on the Reggae Marathon blog summarizes everything I've learned so far about natural-style running.  If you're a runner or know someone who is, check out this post:  Natural-style running minimizes foot injuries

This summer watch out for the 'Big Little Kid' running through a neighbourhood near you!

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