Friday, February 25, 2011

How come my foot hurts? "Are we born to run?, asks Christopher McDougall

 "How come my foot hurts?" is the simple question that Christopher McDougall, author of the excellent book, "Born to Run" asks.  In the book he explores the history of running and postulates that humans ability to run long distances is a key element of our evolution and resulting dominance in the world.  Interesting stuff.

I've been running...walking really...with an injured foot since last August and I want a solution that will allow me to keep running.  I think I've found it with McDougall's help and it means I have to learn how to run all over again in a more natural style...the new Puma FAAS 500's will help.  (I love them in Red...Sally is so jealous, she loves the colour red)

Not running has an additional benefit as well: leisurely coffee in bed with Sally (and Tia) on weekend mornings.  Just ask her what she thinks of that. :)

If you are a runner or know someone who is, suggest they take a look at Christopher McDougall's video included in the link on the Reggae Marathon blog below.  I guarantee it will be worth it.

Christopher McDougall: Are we born to run?

Until next time...

PS:  True confession:  I have the 10 K race in the Reggae Marathon planned for December 2011.  Two goals: first, cross the finish line with my 3 kids (now that will be a photo moment for a lifetime) and second finish under 45 minutes in the 10 K to collect the full series of Reggae Marathon medals.

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