Friday, March 25, 2011

What's wrong with just being nice?

People suck in big cities!

Let me correct that, 'Ignorant people suck in big cities'.

As a lifelong runner who does all the right things including running facing traffic, wearing reflective clothing for my early morning runs and stay on the sidewalk wherever possible, I hate it when I get the finger from a driver because he doesn't want to come to a complete stop at a STOP sign!  Don't worry "Mr. Ignoramus", your body shop should be able to pound out the dent in your door panel caused by my foot quite easily.

What's wrong with just being nice?

Last week I was reminded that there are some nice people in the world.  Sally was in a big, crowed parking garage at St. Joe's Hospital in Toronto.  A big, crowded garage with attendants valet parking vehicles.  One of them recognized her and asked why she was back.  After telling him, he simply said that 'since she was doing something nice, someone was watching over her'.  It made her day.  That was nice.

It's a bustling city but take a minute to just be nice.  It'll make someone's day and it will save damage to your vehicle.

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