Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Making Jerk Pork this week to beat the winter blues...and enjoy the NFL playoffs

Court started it!  Here is our latest adaptation being prepared just in time for the NFL playoffs this weekend.  Go Dallas!

At the family Christmas dinner a couple of weeks ago (how time flies) one of our dishes was a favourite, Jamaican Jerk Pork.  Delicious.  You can never have enough...especially when its snowed here every day since then.

We dug up the recipe posted by Court some time ago. Then went shopping at Costco for a suitable 'hunk of pork:  found a 10+ lb pork shoulder, bone in.  On the way home, we picked up a couple of bottles of Presidents Choice Jerk Sauce from Loblaws.  Couldn't find our favourite brand, Walkers Wood so that had to do.
We 'enhanced' the recipe by dicing up some regular and green onions and adding to the Jerk Sauce.  We let that sit for about 1/2 hour.

Then we attacked the pork shoulder.  With a really sharp heavy duty knife, we cut off approximately 5 'hunks' of pork around 2 lbs each and put them in large, sealable plastic freezer bags.  Then we added the liquid marinade.  Mmmmmm...the smell was delicious!

We sealed the bags and have them marinating.  We plan to leave them for 3 days before cooking.  For that, we plan to follow Court's method:  400 degree oven, meat on rack inside a large baking pan, water below, for 45 minutes until done. 

Results just in time for the Saturday night playoff game this weekend.  Go Dallas!

Until next time...

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