Friday, August 14, 2009

Things to ponder as we hit mid-summer 2009

Miscellaneous observations on 'stuff' as we hit the mid-summer point 0f 2009:
  • Why do people with more than 8 items insist on using the "Express" checkout in grocery stores?
  • Why do people still insist in on idling in drive-thru's to get a cup of coffee or a burger?
  • I saw a person in a car reading a book the other day...on the 400 at 120 kmph...he was the driver!
  • If smoking is bad, would a doctor smoke?
  • Yelling doesn't solve anything
  • Read the book, "Who moved my cheese?" It is the best way to deal with change I have ever read
  • Gardening is good for the soul...and your marriage (ask me, I know)
  • Keep busy when you don't feel like it...idleness will sink you
  • "Don't let the bastards get you down" (OK, this one is from my friend Tim)
  • Running solves everything...just ask Forrest Gump
  • Complaining solves...nothing!
  • Kids have all the answers...they just don't know the important questions yet
  • LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN! Then listen some more
  • Passion for absolutely necessary for happiness
  • "Pulp Fiction" is a great movie (and I know what was in the briefcase...and I know the link between "Reservoir Dogs", "Pulp Fiction" and "Kill Bill")
  • Love 'Mad Men'...wait a minute...I lived 'Mad Men'. Guess which character I was?
  • Never lie; then you have no fear of the truth
  • My grandmother was do have to eat all your vegetables

Until next time...

(PS: the picture is of a recent sunrise over Southern Georgian Bay, summer 2009)


  1. Love 'Mad Men'...wait a minute...I lived 'Mad Men'. Guess which character I was?

    - Should you pay me not to say out loud which character you were?

  2. LOL. Go ahead and make your will be fun :)


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