Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gardening, Running and other Summer Experiences

I get the feeling that a lot of people are missing summer this year. With constant reminders in the media about job losses, turbulent stock markets, and even the garbage strike in Toronto, most people seem to be in 'survival mode'. And most people seem to be letting summer pass by.

For me, a natural summer person who enjoys getting a tan (yes, I know the political incorrectness of that but heck, I am over 50) I think that is just plain crazy! We get about 3 months of hot weather in Southern Ontario...get outside and enjoy it before we have to head back inside!

Here are my miscellaneous ramblings for the Summer of '09.

"My knees have let me down"
I was moving along so well with my training for the Reggae Marathon. Then disaster struck. I think it happened after a particularly strenuous trail ride about 3 weeks ago followed the next day by a long run. A pain in my left knee. Of course I have not been to a doctor preferring instead a 'do-it-myself' fix. That has meant hydrotherapy (love the jacuzzi tub), elliptical training at the Y and even some rest days. I thought I had 'fixed' it but after a 4 km run a couple of days, the pain re-developed. I think more rest days may be in order.

"Working in our garden"
If you can't run, work in the garden. Sally has been taking advantage of my high energy level to get lots done in the garden this summer. I think the constant kneeling, lifting, hauling may have contributed to my knee problems though. (Weak attempt at trying to find something other than working out too hard).

Sally and I are really proud of our garden. From an empty back yard with two builder-planted Spruce trees over 4 years ago to the current state that includes multi-level decks, cedars, day lilies, herbs and lots of others I can't remember the names of. And rocks. Lots of rocks. From boulders to river rocks to pea gravel, I have become an expert at handling and working with 'tons of rocks'. The neighbours call us the Flintstones.
Sally and I talk about it endlessly. She is the visionary. I do the heavy lifting. It works well that way.

"Road Trip"
We have taken advantage of our flexible time schedules recently by heading out on the road. And yes, we have taken Tia along. Southampton, Sauble Beach, Keady (fabulous market) are some of the places we have hit so far.
Planned excursions include Tobermory (finally) and the small towns of the Beaver Valley. Main observations: we live in the best place in the world! The scenery is magnificent, the people absolutely fantastic. Secret revealed: if you want to learn how to survive and even thrive in a down economy, visit a small town in rural Ontario.
Until next time...

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