Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another Summer Sunday Rambling

We talked about going for a drive in the country. The absolutely gorgeous country south and west of of Wasaga Beach is some of the prettiest in Southern Ontario.

Working in the garden was on the to-do list. Weeding is a never ending job.

Cooking a 'Big Breakfast' of eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast and eating al fresco was also discussed...and discarded.

In the end, we settled for sitting outside to enjoy the hazy, overcast day today: Tia stretched out on the patio love seat doing what she does best...enjoying the life of a Yorkie in the Morales/Pennock household. Sally in the armchair across from me doing her daily ritual, the crossword puzzle in the Toronto Star (don't EVER attempt to talk to her before she gets through it). And me taking it all in with a Brava, "the Beer of summer".

It doesn't get much better than this.
I'll work out bum knee needs a rest today.
Until nex time...

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