Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Latest installment in the Social Marketing experience

I posted a story on January 20 one of my other blogs titled, “You get to play again tomorrow” (Check the story out at

The response was overwhelming, unexpected and positive. Good learning. Gained confidence. Still not over the threshold where the blog grows organically, but I am on the right path!

My usual promotion after posting:


  • Visits increased over the usual response.

  • Received email informing me that the URL had been forwarded on to others (never had that before).

  • Received positive comments that inspired me to write this post.

  • A couple more people began following me on twitter

  • The number of visitors to the blog have not dropped off as significantly as in the past

  • Received an email with a link on how to market blogs more effectively. Check it out at


  • The article was a very personal story about something I experienced in my life…appealed to people

  • It was a positive story. I suspect however that I got a reaction because the story struck a chord with the readers. It was not wallpaper that was easy to ignore. Need to write more stories like that.

  • It energized me!

  • Gained confidence in my writing style. I have been blogging since October 2008 and this is the first time I experienced this type of response

What I did next

  • Gained more confidence regarding my writing style

  • Focus my stories: lessons I have learned from my experiences in life

  • Modified the blog title and description based on the information contained in the blog above

Please feel to comment on this story or contact me directly at

The journey continues…

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