Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Breadfruit...Simple but delicious!

One of Jamaica's unique fruits, breadfruit is not really sweet, but is a refreshing and simple treat in the morning.

Breadfruit grows on a tree (as seen above) and is shaped like a melon. It is the perfect side dish to a hot plate of ackee and saltfish.

  • Ingredients:
    1 whole breadfruit or canned breadfruit.

The traditional way of preparing breadfruit is to take the whole breadfruit and roast it over an open fire, until the outside is charred. Then, simply peel away the skin, slice and enjoy.

For an easier option, especially in winter up here in Canada, you can buy the canned breadfruit and simply boil it until soft, or roast it in the oven at 375 degrees F.


  1. Great blog! I've never even heard of a breadfruit before and I'm curious about where I can find them. Do you know what types of grocery stores might sell canned breadfruit?

  2. Thanks for your comments and feedback. Canned breadfruit can be found in stores that cater to West Indian and Caribbean cooking. I have also seen it in the ethnic sections of large grocery stores in urban areas. In Toronto for example, Loblaws and Metro stores will usually carry it.

  3. You can also buy fresh breadfruit at Nicey's supermarkets here in Toronto.
    And here's a tip for enjoying breadfruit - the hot, roasted breadfruit is even better with butter! Any left-overs can be sliced thinly the next day and fried for breadfruit crisps


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