Friday, November 7, 2008

Chapter 13: “Thinking through some thoughts”

Ever sat through a meeting when you wished there was a universal volume control that you could use to turn down the volume on the person dominating the room? You would love to suggest that she keep her thoughts to herrself but then that would show that you were not a team player. And you just buy that fancy new car didn’t you. By putting the downpayment on your credit card. With a car allowance that doesn’t cover the payments. And with quite the spike in the insurance payments. Just wait for the first service appointment with the service advisor in the suit who directs your car to the technicians dressed in their spotless white coats. But then, the 30 seconds of fame at the traffic light is worth it isn’t it. Guess you will just have to put up with evesdropping on the thinking. Better turn that volume up again.

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