Friday, November 7, 2008

Chapter 12 “Put that one on the list of things we do to screw things up”

The unfortunate thing of course is that despite all the writing to the contrary, all the PR flack that is uttered, no organization is perfect. Horrors! In fact if there is one thing I did learn in my years in advertising is that most organizations institutionalize imperfection. How many of you have observed ‘screw up clients’ who ‘couldn’t market their way out of a paper bag if you gave them instructions’. How do they make money? How do they survive? The truth is that it all runs on the concept of borrowing. Borrowing money, time, advice, interest, faith and on and on. Mortgaging the future. Faith if you prefer. It would in fact be easier to look for the things that actually do work. But then that would assume that we didn’t screw that task up as well.

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