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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Social Media Channels for Dummies

I can discover things on Pintrest.  Micro Blog on Twitter.  Share on Facebook and Instagram.  Look for a job on LinkedIn.  Google+...oh well, that was nice while it lasted!  Here's a handy guide for how to use each of these Social Channels:

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Twitter drives Endurance Event Registration

The best way to reach potential registrants to an Endurance Event (Marathon Running, Triathalons, etc) is via Twitter:  71% of the Twitter Chatter occurs before the event...this is the key to growing registrations.  Especially for Destination Events where participants have to travel to attend (Reaching the $6,000 Runner through Social Media) The conversation revolves around anticipation of attending the event and preparing for it.

For a deeper look at this, the following Infographic provides a good overview:

This Infographic was published originally in this blog post from Eventbrite and Mashwork.  Here is the link to the original article:  Endurance Event Twitter Chatter.

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