Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Customer Service Gone Wrong

Customer Service
This is customer service gone wrong.  It happened at the local Volvo Dealership at 7:35 am when I stopped in to purchase a lock nut tool to remove a flat tire on Sally's Volvo: 

"Good morning...How can I help you today?" was my greeting upon entering the Service/Parts Department at the local Volvo Dealership.

That's a nice start I thought.  Unfortunately that was as good as it got...

"I'd like to speak with someone in Parts...I need to buy a lug nut tool to remove the lock nuts on my 2010 Volvo XC 60" I said.

"The Parts Department doesn't open until 8 am" was the curt response.  

"But your website shows it open at 7:30 am" I responded.

Customer Service

Blank stare!

"The Parts Department doesn't open until 8 am" she repeated with no acknowledgement of what I had said.  "Maybe Bill (not his real name) can help you...Bill?" she called out.

"What...I just got in...haven't even had any my coffee yet" came Bill's voice from behind the partition.

"We have a customer here who needs parts".  

"He has to order online for curbside pickup...we don't open until 8 am" was his exasperated response.

I could go on...

I was struck by the absolutely unresponsive nature of both the Service and Parts people.  They had determined that I was a low-value customer and had no interest at all in looking after my needs. 

I've spent a large part of my career in advertising working with auto manufacturers and auto dealers.  Usually I've been at the pointy end of the blame game:  The advertising didn't work, the leads are crap, I don't understand customers. Yes there are many variables in the automobile buying process.  A big one is customer service.  

When I got back home I went back onto this Dealership's website and sure enough here's what they have prominently on their website:  'Customer Service is the Priority".  Hmmm...

We currently own 2 Volvos.  Both used and likely will need replacing soon.  Between us Sally and I have owned 5 Volvos.  We're brand loyal to the Volvo brand. We will seek out another Dealership who walk the talk when it comes to Customer Service!

Until next time...

Chris Morales, Toronto

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