Tuesday, May 25, 2021

People Matter

METRO Grocery Story, Lloyd Manor, Etobicoke

In the online world, we don't meet people.  In the grocery business, we generally only interact with the Cashier.  This past weekend, I was reminded that people matter!  

I'd placed my order online with METRO for a Breakfast Platter.  I received my confirmation number for an 8 am pickup time at my METRO, Lloyd Manor in Etobicoke).  I got to the store a few minutes early to pick up a few extras (Juice for Mimosa's...what's breakfast without OJ) and expected to pick up my platter and be on my way quickly.  

Unfortunately my online order got screwed up.  Rick, the Store Manager, was summoned.  He confirmed that the order had not been received. Seeing my anxiety and hearing that I was on a tight timeline, what he did next reminded me that people matter:  He apologized for the screw up.  No excuses, just a sincere apology.  He helped me pick out an assortment of breakfast pastries since there was no time to make up a platter.  I was grateful!  And then, without being asked, he offered discount coupons.  In minutes he turned a bad situation into a win...for both of us!

In the class on starting a small business that I teach at George Brown College, I stress how important customer service is.  In particular, how to turn a negative situation into a positive one.  Even though METRO is a large business, and this store is a big, busy one, Rick understands how to take care of his customers.

People Matter! Remember that.  Everywhere, every time!

Until next time...


PS:  I left a 5 Star Google Review for Rick and his store

Chris Morales, toronto, metro

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