Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Zoom Divorce...And other Lessons We've Learned from the Pandemic

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Have you heard of the 'Zoom Divorce'?  Up until yesterday I had not.  Then on the radio in the car yesterday, I heard 'Zoom Divorce' three times in my short commute to the office. It's 13 months into dealing with the COVID pandemic and we've learned so many new things, why not divorce?  It's another positive thing that has come out of being locked down.  Let me elaborate...

Before COVID, I depended on coffee meetups to catchup with friends. Always time limited and only with those who lived near by.  Since March 2021, I've had many Zoom calls with friends right across Canada.  We don't always talk for a long time and we could have called on our phones but it's great to actually see each other.

I've got family in the US on both coasts.  Before COVID we only saw each other at weddings and funerals.  In the past year we've Zoomed numerous times just to say hi.  The highlight was Christmas Eve 2020 when we all sat in front of our respective Christmas Trees to wish each other the best of the season.

We've done Zoom wedding and baby showers.  Pleasantly surprised at how well these went.  With gifts purchased online and shipped directly, everyone seemed to have a great time.

While on a Sunday evening walk this past weekend, we chatted with a neighbour who attended a Zoom wedding.  She loved it.  Her niece and fiancĂ© decided to use Zoom to celebrate their wedding with all their family and friends rather than delay until sometime in 2022...maybe!

And of course, I've attended a Zoom funeral.  This was tougher than a live in-person affair...I was alone and without the in-person contact, it felt unfinished.  

So a Zoom Divorce makes all the sense in the world.  Kudos to the Legal Firm who put the campaign together.  If you want more info, check out this article in the Toronto Star:  Divorce is still divorce, but doing it via zoom may be less painful.

Until next time...

Chris Morales, Toronto

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