Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Living With Crisis

Living with crisis

My Dad found humour in my diligent need to plan for the future.  He believed in living in the present.  You can appreciate our lifelong conversations.  He passed away 12 years ago and I miss those talks.  He'd get a big laugh out of the pandemic we've found ourselves in for the past year.  I can hear him now, "How's your plan coming along?"

I argue that we are always living with crisis.  It's the severity and the pace of the changes that cause us stress.  This past year has put us to the test.  Moving forward means we must learn how to live with the fallout of the pandemic...for sure there is no going back to normal!  And 'new normal'?  That's a crock!

Here's what I've experienced and learned over the past year:

  1. Keep planning for the future.  Without goals and objectives we die.
  2. Be flexible.  Keep your eye on the present and be ready to change or pivot quickly.
  3. Stay calm.  Getting excited brings an extra level of emotion to your decision making ability.  That's not good when in a crisis.  
  4. Stop being a drama queen (or king).  There is enough crazy to go around.  Don't add to it with your own dramatic narrative.
  5. Help others.  Our survival as a society depends on it!
  6. Be decent to each other.  Rudeness was never in. 
  7. Keep smiling!  That can be hard to do especially when things are not going well.  Your smile can help someone though...and that is worth something!
No, I'm not a psychologist so take the above list with a grain of salt.  It works for me...maybe it will help you live better through crisis.

Until next time...
Chris Morales

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