Tuesday, March 30, 2021

7 Tips for Small Business Owners

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7 Tips for Small Business Owners
  1. Learn from your Customers.  Negative comments sting but that's where you learn the most.  I chose a mechanic based on how he responded to the One Star Reviews he received.  He was sincere and laid out plainly how he had offered to resolve the conflict.  Google Reviews is a start but don't forget comments on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any Social Media Channel your customers use.
  2. Make Customer Service your priority.  This is related to point #1.  Respond quickly when you hear from a customer with a problem.  Thank them for bringing their issue to your attention.  Acknowledge their problem and offer to fix it to their satisfaction.  This is a person who purchased your product or service...you worked hard to get them.  It's cheaper to keep them!
  3. Stay in your lane.  You're a small business owner, not a global conglomerate.  You worked hard to find your niche. It's how you differentiate yourself from your competition and why your customers pay for your products and services.  Replicating your successful business model is how you maximize profit.
  4. Be time-efficient.  There are 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week.  You already work more than the average corporate employee.  Don't waste time on unproductive, time wasting tasks.  Hire professionals to do the tasks that don't focus on growing your business and taking care of your customers.
  5. Don't fear larger competitors. The bigger they are, the less agile they can be.  Take advantage of your ability to move quickly. If you can deliver the product or service before they respond to the quote, you win!  
  6. Market like a pro.  Focus on three things:  email marketing, SEO, updates to your website.  Email is the underappreciated and underutilized marketing tool for small business.  Use MailChimp or Constant Contact to send professional emails to your customers and prospects.  Keep on top of what search terms your prospects are using to search for your business to keep your SEO fresh.  And...update your website with fresh content based on keyword search results.  Add a weekly blog post for more relevance.
  7. Be flexible.  It's important to stay within your niche but be ready to pivot if the market changes...or if an opportunity presents itself.
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Chris Morales, Marketing, Small Business

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