Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Google My Business: Ground Zero for Online Marketing

Ground Zero, the foundation for every business that wants to be found online is Google My Business.  It's the first thing I recommend to all starting-up business owners.  There are a lot of online tutorials for how to access your My Business listing page but basically once you are logged into your Google Account, search for the 'My Business' icon and you'll be directed to your main page.  From there, it is relatively straightforward to follow each of the steps to completely and accurately set up your My Business page.

From your My Business page, your Google Reviews are visible and accessible.  Your online reputation matters.  Both to the search engines and to real people.  Ask for reviews and respond to them right from your My Business Page.

Build up your content two ways on your My Business page.  First, upload photos and videos.  They can be of anything related to your business.  The more content you post, the more of an authority you become and again that benefits both your customers and the search engines.

Second, you can create posts.  Like blog posts, you can share your opinion on various topics related to your business.  Take advantage of this feature with regular updates.

There are other valuable features available and as you gain experience, you'll learn how to take advantage of them.  For more on Google My Business, here's an informative infographic:

Google My Business, Digital Marketing

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Chris Morales

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