Thursday, January 24, 2019

Thriving in the Gig Economy

'Jobs' in the Gig Economy are on pace to make up nearly 40% of the workplace by the year 2020 (Intuit 2020 Report).  This trend is being driven by demographics, economics and technology:  Younger workers entering the marketplace, global competition and digital technology that allows workers to be anywhere!  

First, let's define 'The Gig Economy':  "An employment concept in which people are paid for each specific, short-term task that they do and don't have conventional contracts of employment" (The Gig Economy). This Harvard Business Review article, Thriving in the Gig Economy notes that Gig Economy workers need to produce or perish.  That is as ruthless as it sounds!   Add to that she must pay constant attention to securing the next gig.  She is always in 'Prospecting Mode'...always thinking about 'Selling her skills' to the next potential customer.  

Personal selling skills have never been more important.  Marketing yourself first then knowing how to sell yourself to prospective employers.  Colleges have expanded their offerings in this area and companies offering sales training for individuals have exploded.  I am a testament to this with the course on Professional Selling I teach at George Brown College that has grown into a Sales Training Workshop.  

Both young and older workers alike will face the realities of the Gig Economy. Certain specific skills will be in demand as digital technology moves into more areas but being able to show clearly how you add value will be the #1 skill to thrive.   

Chris Morales

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