Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Turning 60 And Still Running

OMG...in 2 months I turn 60!

Just yesterday I was 12 years old building Saturn rockets and collecting comic books.  I didn't run for anything!  Those 48 years sure slipped by quickly.  I sure don't feel about-to-turn 60.  Oh the waist has expanded a little, the joints are a bit more achey and I run more slowly.  But, I'm still running...

I have a lot to be thankful for as I hit this milestone:

  • Great parents.  I know we don't get to chose our parents but someone up there was looking our for my sisters and I.  Carefree Dad who depended on the rock that is my Mom to instill in us the trust in always looking forward:  Tomorrow is another new day...take advantage of it!
  • The Boys.  Now a pack of 4 and a force to be reckoned with.  Andrew, Court, Holden and Michael are dream kids.  Rambunctious and ornery but honest and dependable.  Always thinking of each other...always there to support.  Keep at it guys!  Couldn't be more proud. (Oh, and Andrew, Court and Holden's Mom, Jackie...still pinch myself that she trusted me to take care of them in their teen years).
  • Friends to die for.  Seriously.  Long-time friends from Jamaica, more recent ones from growing up in Canada and of course my running friends from around the world.  Thanks for your support.
  • Sally.  My Rock!  I'm fortunate that you decided to take on the CMO Project.  There's still more work to do but thank you so much for continuing to see the value in polishing this still rough-around-the edges work-in-progress.  All my love!!
I was asked recently if I had any running goals planned for 2018 to mark the 60th birthday milestone.  I've thought of a ton of running ideas:  From the Gobi March, a 260 km run across the Gobi Desert in China, to a 60 mile Endurance Race in Algonquin Park.  Nothing has grabbed me yet...but I've still got 2 months to go before the BIG day.

Until next time...

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