Sunday, October 8, 2017

Rookie Mistake

Rookie mistake! Yes, even with the years of experience on Social Media, it is possible to crash out. That happened today when I posted iGN!TE as a Current/New Job position on my LinkedIn profile. As it should, my LinkedIn profile lit up! Lots of congratulatory messages on the 'new job'.

I should have known better!

Let me clear up one thing first: No, I do not have a new job since the gig at Budds' ended a few weeks ago. As my LinkedIn Headline states, I am currently available for a full-time or contract position in digital and social media marketing. Yes, I'm actively looking!

What is iGN!TE? As us Marketing types are prone to do when we are 'between assignments, it's the face of my Small Business Freelance/Marketing Consulting. In the past I've referred to it as Morales Marketing Services and Outsourced Marketing. This time my creativity was alive and I came up with iGN!TE and set up a page on my blog, iGN!TE and the page on LinkedIn. My intention was to use LinkedIn to promote digital and social media marketing services. Because of the way I posted it, it triggered the 'New Job' Announcement. Rookie!

So now you know!

Thanks for the somewhat premature best wishes. I really appreciate them and will make sure to post the new gig properly when appropriate.

Chris M Morales
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