Tuesday, October 3, 2017

One Runner's Thoughts

I sat staring at the blank screen this morning.  I'd left it too late to write my usual weekly blog post before I went out for my pre-dawn run. I packed it in and went out for a run.  Surely I'll think of something to blog about while running.  And sure enough I did with thoughts going back, back, back...

I thought about running when I was a kid but realized I never walked much less ran.  Only seriously athletes ran. I was far from athletic as a grade schooler at St. Theresa Preparatory.  We didn't have Phys Ed and the only place to 'run' at Recess and Lunch was the Badminton Courts beside the paved parking lot.  With mid-day temps in the low 90's F, we did as little running as possible.

I wasn't athletic in high school either.  I was on the Debating Society and was a photographer for the Yearbook, both activities that involved a lot of sitting. At Clarkson Secondary I had to walk to school:  The grand distance of 500 Metres one-way.  Such hardship!  At Clarkson I had a brief stint running cross-country one fall but it was cold and they wanted me to wear shorts and a T Shirt!  Ugh!  No thank you...back to the Dark Room!

At College and University I wasn't much better although I did take up Squash.  The game was enjoyable but the sauna session after was really what I prefered.  I guess that's why I really enjoy lying on the beach in the hot sun sweating buckets to this day!  Heat! (I can hear a few of you already:  "He prefered sitting with other guys in the Sauna".  Knock yourself out!)

Truth be told, I wasn't interested in Team Sports.  This was likely a result of not having any organized team sports that interested me while growing up in Jamaica.  Once in Canada, the only team sport was hockey.  I like watching and attending the occasional Hockey Game but playing it?  Not for me.  Organized baseball, basketball or soccer was still some time away and by then I was a Senior in High School.

Running was the only option when I decided to do something physical.  No special equipment, training or learning curve.  Running shoes, sweats and outside.  Yes it took some time to catch on but when it did it lit the fire under my competitive spirit.  I enjoyed the training and the competing.  Especially the races!

Stray thought:  Maybe I'm bored with running. Oops...that was supposed to stay in my head!  I don't have the right gear and I've delayed buying new tights and shoes.  Hmmm...I need to spice things up to rekindle my passion for running.

Trails popped into my head!  Now there's an idea.  We live right alongside the Humber River and paved trails snake their way along the river right to the mouth at Lake Ontario.  It's a good start but I'm thinking off-road.  The gnarly stuff.  Dirt, rocks, the occasional stream.  Messy for sure and there are races.  Do I dare to think 'Ultras'?  They've been rattling around in my head for some time now...

All too soon the run was over.  Back home with enough time to take Maggie out for her early morning run!

Ahh...running!  Brings out the best thoughts!

Until next time...

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