Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Coming Back Up To Speed


After too much time spent slogging along, I've experienced a running re-birth of sorts coming back up to speed.  Halleluha!  

Over the past year I've had moments and runs where I thought, 'That's it...I'm done running!'.  They occurred frequently enough that I really felt that after 34 years of running I was done.  When I was passed early one morning by an older runner who was shuffling along it was hard to keep going on that 'run'.  Getting motivated to go out again the following morning was even more difficult.  Call me a positive thinker, obstinate, stupid...whatever...inside I didn't feel I was done running yet.  I kept at it.

Since embracing the CPAP breathing machine 5 weeks ago, I've seen and felt an improvement.  No longer does it feel like a weight is crushing my windpipe.  It takes a little longer to get up to speed but once I'm running comfortably and my breathing settles down, I pick up the pace.  It's a negative split for sure but not an honest one.  Yet!

Yes there's still some life in these legs and lungs and I'm looking forward to more gradual improvement before testing race-pace at Reggae Marathon December 2.  If things go well, I'm even looking forward to improvement in the Reggae Marathon Half Marathon Challenge (Seriously, Dan, Navin and Larry...we've got to come up with a better name!)

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