Sunday, August 6, 2017

AI and the Hockey Stick

Are we at the point on the hockey stick curve when Artificial Inteligence (AI) explodes exponentially?  Are you afraid of AI or are you charging forward?

I had a Luddite moment on Saturday morning.  I'd just finished listening to an interview on NPR where the Interviewee, the founder of a recently public AI software company, waxed on about how AI was changing the nature of work from drudgery to creativity.  He noted that companies embracing AI would find new and innovative uses for displaced and reduncant workers. 

I shuddered. Sure...that's what companies do with existing workers who become redundant...they re-train them.  I flashed back to the Industrial Revolution as the 'Satanic Mills' swept over the Cottage Industries throwing countless people into turmoil. Progress is double-edged:  On one hand there will be disruption and people will endure hardships if they can't adapt fast enough;  On the other hand there will be disruption and new opportunities will rise. For example:  Social Media Marketing didn't exist barely 10 years ago!

I'm no fortune teller but it feels like we are at the inflection point on the Hockey Stick growth curve.  If you haven't already, embrace the pace of change!

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