Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Reggae Marathon Blog Top 50

The Reggae Marathon Blog made it well into the Top 50 Marathon Blogs this year!  Whoa!  How did that happen?

You all know me as ThatRunninGuy.  I've been blogging about running for nearly 10 years.  It took a while to settle on running as my main interest.  Over the years I've blogged about cooking, business and just about everything in between.  Now each week I share what's on my mind about running. You've read about my injuries, recoveries, re-injuries and most recently lack of running performance. I love your reactions and feedback.  Keep it coming.

In another online world, I'm known as Reggae Marathon RunninGuy.  For the past 7 years I've been the Blogger behind the twice weekly blog posts and all the Social Media, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.  I started with Reggae Marathon when the race organizers made a couple of decisions:  First, a major and more user-friendly website update and second, to use Social Media more actively to connect with runners from around the world.  We've grown from 1,000 runners back then to nearly maxed out 3,000 runners for 2017.  

Reggae Marathon is now connected with runners from over 35 countries.  Runners plan their annual vacation to Negril in December so they can run in Reggae Maraton. Runners...go figure!  Runners come back year-after-year while staying in-touch online throughout the year.  Just ask Dan, Navin, Larry and I...we'll have a total of 30 combined Reggae Marathons between us!

I'm pretty humbled by the accolade Reggae Marathon received.  Sharing personal running stories, sharing life experiences, enjoying friendships on the beach...it's your stories shared on the blog that resonates.  Thank you for sharing!

Now let's get out for a run...


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