Sunday, April 2, 2017

Social Media Trends in 2017

Two things stand out in Social Media Trends in 2017:
  1. Increase in Personalized Content...yes, it's all about 'Me'!
  2. More reliance on Social Influencers..."What's that you said?"
Live Streaming Video (Like Facebook Live) and Augmented Reality are also at the top of the list of Social Media Trends.  Both were on display at the recent Digital Marketing Event in Toronto, Dx3.  

When I'm asked by a Business Owner if she should use Facebook I respond that it's not the platform, it's the ability of the technology to engage with their customers and target audience that matters.  For this Small Business Owner I recommend a Base that looks like this:
  1. Blog (hosted on the business website):  Business updates;  User-generated content (Customer Stories);  Video sourced from YouTube
  2. Facebook (Primary Social Media Channel):  Blog post updates;  Live events on Business Page;  Boosted Posts;  Facebook Display
  3. Online Advertising (Targeted):  Search, Display, Re-targeting to reach current customers (reinforce purchase decision) and new ones (generate inquiries)
Here's more on the top 8 Social Media Trends to watch for in 2017:
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