Sunday, March 5, 2017

Did he really say that?

What did he just say? Did he really say that?  I can't believe he said that?  Must have been his inner voice.

"My thoughts are in parallel with yours" is the classic response in a corporate meeting room when you've not follow along with the discussion.  Smirks from fellow team members who wished they had thought of it; frowns from seniors who know you one-upped someone.  It's a witty retort..."Why couldn't I have thought of that?"

I couldn't have put this together without the help of my Advertising Agency friends and associates.  All still work in the business and wish to remain anonymous.  You know who you are!

Since this book was published I've received numerous emails and text messages asking when the follow up will be coming out.  And that's where you can help.  Send me the one liners and crazy things that you hear and if you want credit when Part II gets published.
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