Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My Running Crew

Navin, Larry, Chris, Dan
4 guys who met through Reggae Marathon make up my running crew.  Only two of us live in the same city and none of us run together except when we meet up in Negril, Jamaica on the first Saturday of December every year to run in Reggae Marathon.  But on all my runs my crew is with me stride-for-stride.

The Instigator:  Navin.  I thought he was a stalker at first when we met in Negril.  He's a really good runner who gets caught up in extremes...don't all runners exhibit extreme behaviour?  He connected with me via his blog and we met briefly in Negril that first year.  One year he ran the full Reggae Marathon on Saturday, flew to Florida to run a full marathon on Sunday! Navin started it all.

The Comedian:  Larry.  His comical side masks the fact that he's a really good runner as well.  He keeps it light though...that is always appreciated!  Larry has on more than one occasion helped me through tough slogging at Reggae Marathon even slogging stride-for-stride me for a little while sacrificing his time in his event.  

The Writer:  Dan.  This runner can write!  He's a history buff who tracks and reports on 'really serious' running.  Dan knows how to find your finish time from some long ago and vaguely remembered event.  He is our timer and every year runs the Reggae Marathon Challenge where he distance compensates and age grades us in a friendly competition.  I think he knows Voodoo too his methods make sense but I'll be dammed if I can figure them out.

We don't physically run together during the year but there isn't a run I go on where one or all of my running crew aren't along for the ride.

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