Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Stuck in Third Gear

I feel like I'm stuck in third gear.  My gearhead friends, you understand that: The engine is over-revving and refuses to shift into fourth gear or overdrive.  That's how it's been with my running for the past few months and it's taken a toll on my runing enjoyment.

Honestly, running is not natural for me.  I didn't run in in either grade school or high school...cross-country a couple of times at Clarkson Secondary really doesn't count.  I did my best not to run and did I ever look the part of a non-runner.  'Molasses' was my non-endearing nickname and it wasn't just a play on my last name!

I came to running as an adult wanting to lose weight while managing a family history of high blood pressure without drugs.  For 30 years now I've done that and I love it! I have slightly below average blood pressure, no cholesteral and great heart rate all as a result of  running.  All without prescription drugs!  But since last summer my running engine just does not want to shift into overdrive.

I've been into the 'Shop' a number of times for multiple diagnostic tests yet the source of the problem remains a mystery.  Another shop visit next week should complete the assessment and I'm looking forward the diagnosis.  In the meantime I'm chugging along hoping for that momemt with the transmission shifts from third...

Until next time...

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