Sunday, January 29, 2017

Reggae Marathon Experienced

16 years in the making;  35 countries and counting.  Reggae Marathon in Negril, Jamaica.  What began as a dream hatched by the Jamdammers Running Club in Kingston, Jamaica has now grown into an annual event that draws runners from all over the world to enjoy a running vacation in the beach resort area of Western Jamaica, Negril.

'What is the Reggae Marathon Experience?" was the  question asked over cold Red Stripes by a non-runner who was experiencing Reggae Marathon for the first time.  A simple question loaded with nuance and depth probing to the heart of business and branding.  As a lifetime runner working in the marketing business, I was hooked.

First of all, Reggae Marathon is a running event.  Three running events are included:  Full Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K.  That by itself is not absolutely unique...many races include multiple distance events to appeal to a broader group of runners.  It's extremely well organized.  Runner care is top notch from start to finish.  This is a big deal!

Reggae Marathon is a 'Destination Running Event'.  There is a large and growing group of runners who choose and plan for races in 'Exotic Destinations'.  The Mauritus Marathon is probably one of the most remote and exotic destination running events on the planet!  Jamaica with it's oversized ego and national braggadocio around running is exotic...and a relatively short plane trip to get to for Europeans and Americans from North and South. The miles long beach of white sand and warm sea water is well known as a fun and relaxing destination for beach loving vacationers.

Mashing up running and vacation is at the heart of the Reggae Marathon Experience and the key to the success of the Brand.  The last few years has seen an explosion of groups of runners self-organizing around the trip to Reggae Marathon to connect and re-connect with their running friends. Social Media has helped:  Runners connect online all year anticipating meeting up 'for reals' on the road and on the beach in Negril.

The Reggae Marathon Experienced!

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